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I’m so excited you’re here!

Since 2018, KB Design HTX has been at the forefront of the permanent jewelry industry, constantly innovating and redefining what permanent jewelry can be. I began welding the Eterna™ bracelet simply because I Ioved the idea of a permanent bracelet and the ease and convenience of not having to fuss with a clasp. I chose the name “Eterna” because it means “forever” in Spanish, which perfectly describes jewelry that forms a lasting part of one's story, with no beginning and no end and an ease of wear that's both chic and effortless. I soon added Eterna permanent anklets, rings, bangles and necklaces, and the Eterna Permanent Jewelry™ Collection was born!

I had no idea my Eterna Permanent Jewelry™ would take on a life of its own: mothers, daughters, fathers, sons, sisters, brothers, lovers, friends; those setting goals or those who have achieved them; those who have overcome obstacles - all come to share the experience and leave with a permanent reminder of something meaningful. It's not just about the jewelry; it's about the experience, the memories created, and the joy that comes from wearing something that's uniquely yours.

In a world full of trends, Eterna™ stands out as a testament to personal style and enduring elegance. I don't just create jewelry, but forge lasting connections and joyous moments, where every piece tells a story and every story is gold.

I look forward to meeting you in person and bringing more sparkle and joy to your journey!

xox Kelly

P.S. Can’t make it to Houston or Brenham? You don’t have to miss out on all the fun! You can order a custom Eterna™ bracelet with a clasp! Email me at to begin creating your one-of-a-kind piece!

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