The Eterna Permanent Jewelry™ Collection

Why choose ordinary when you can wear extraordinary?

What makes Eterna Permanent Jewelry™ a must-have? It's more than jewelry; it's a statement of enduring style and personal expression. Crafted from luxurious 14k gold, our custom-fit pieces are measured and welded directly onto you, creating a perfect, seamless fit without the fuss of clasps. Each piece, whether it's a bracelet, anklet, ring, necklace, or our exclusive Katy bangle, is a testament to bespoke luxury. And if you're looking to add a sparkle, our signature 14k gold diamond and gemstone charms are the perfect complement. It’s about creating something uniquely you, without the inconvenience of clasps – just seamless elegance.

Let's create your forever piece together! It's not just about the jewelry - it's about the experience, the story, and the unbreakable bond we forge with every piece.

How It Works

Founder Kelly Broesche works with each client in person to create her unique design. She takes studio appointments for Eterna Permanent Jewelry™ in Houston and Brenham, Texas, and is also available for private events. You can find Kelly and her Eterna Permanent Jewelry™ Collection at pop-ups all over Texas throughout the year!

To get started, reach out to Kelly to book an appointment at one of her Eterna Permanent Jewelry™ locations in Houston or Brenham, or let her know the details about your upcoming event. Payment will be coordinated in person.

What to Expect

During your appointment or event, Kelly will help you choose from a curated selection of only the finest solid 14k gold or sterling silver chains for your Eterna™ permanent bracelet, anklet, necklace, or ring. You can also select from our exclusive line of custom 14k diamond and gemstone charms if you’d like to add a little extra bling!

Once you’ve made your selections, your Eterna Permanent Jewelry™ will be custom measured to fit you and welded permanently in a flash – from start to finish we allow about 15-20 minutes per piece.

Most importantly, we want this to be fun! Sip some bubbly and snap photos of you and your loved ones celebrating together.

*ALL ETERNA PERMANENT JEWELRY™ SALES ARE FINAL. Minimum age for Eterna Permanent Jewelry is 10. Anyone under the age of 16 must be accompanied by a parent

P.S. Can’t make it to Houston or Brenham? You don’t have to miss out on all the fun! You can order custom Eterna Permanent Jewelry™ with a clasp! Email to begin creating your one-of-a-kind piece!

Eterna Permanent Jewelry™

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Eterna Permanent Jewelry™

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