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Everyone loves pom-poms! Known as borlas, these colorful oversized pom-pom tassels are handmade by artisans Concha and Feliciano in Chiapas, Mexico. They are traditional adornments for men’s hats in some communities in the highlands of Chiapas.

Not all pompoms are made the same. The high-quality ones are very thick and smooth with no thread coming out of the sphere. They are very full and cannot be flattened.  Concha and Feliciano are known throughout Mexico for their high quality borlas. 

Join in the borla mania!! Whether hanging from lamps, luggage, purses, Christmas trees, gift wrap, curtain ties- wherever you can imagine- these brilliant pom-poms will add a smile to your day! 

Each multicolored Pom-Pom Tassel consists of ten handmade borlas

Tiny Pom-Pom Tassel approximately 7 inches 

Small Pom-Pom Tassel approximately 17 inches 

Large Pom-Pom Tassel approximately 26 inches 

This is a handmade item, so every borla is unique. The item you receive may not be exactly as pictured