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Creating lasting memories

In 2018 I began welding the Eterna bracelet simply because I Ioved the idea of a permanent bracelet and the ease and convenience of not having to fuss with a clasp. I chose the name “Eterna” because it means “forever” in Spanish, which perfectly describes the everlasting nature of a 14k gold chain with no beginning and no end.

I had no idea the Eterna bracelet would take on a life of its own: mothers, daughters, fathers, sons, sisters, brothers, lovers, friends; those setting goals or those who have achieved them; those who have overcome obstacles - all come to share the experience and leave with a permanent reminder of something meaningful.

I love simple yet elegant design, so I create treasures that are fun to wear and easy to live in. My business plan is to bring joy, so I hope you feel beautiful and celebrated in your Eterna permanent jewelry and every time you wear a piece of the KB Design HTX collection. 

xox Kelly

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