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I am fascinated with the imperfection of handmade jewelry- the textured marks of my grandfather’s hammer forge a connection of the past to the present, between the wearer and me. My permanent Eterna bracelet symbolizes this bond: the intimacy and permanence of the welding experience create a lasting reminder of the harmony between memories and expectations. I began welding the Eterna bracelet simply because I Iiked the idea of a permanent bracelet, having no idea it would take on a life of its own: mothers, daughters, fathers, sons, sisters, brothers, friends; those setting goals or those who have achieved them; those who have overcome obstacles- all come to share the experience and leave with a permanent reminder of something meaningful. 

I like to make beautiful jewelry at an affordable price point. Except for the Eterna Bracelet and my designs in the Naomi Eloise and Luxe Collections, which are crafted in solid gold, I work primarily in sterling silver and gold-filled wire. I love simple yet elegant design, so I create jewelry that is fun to wear and easy to live in. My business plan is to bring joy, so I hope you feel beautiful and celebrated every time you put on a piece of KB Design HTX jewelry.

xox Kelly